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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Halson and Mrs Ogilvie welcome you and your children to Year 5.  Together with the support of Mrs Bohme and Mrs Murphy we are looking forward to a successful year, full of hard work and enjoyable learning.

We welcome you and your children to Year 5.  We are looking forward to a successful year, full of hard work and enjoyable learning.

Topics for the Term

Please see attached sheet for topic map.


Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school. Our PE times are as follows:



5H – Indoor P.E. on Friday and outdoor P.E. on Monday

5J – Indoor P.E. on Tuesday and outdoor P.E. on Monday

Swimming will not begin for Year 5 until term 6.

Please ensure children with shoulder length hair or longer have their hair tied back. If your child has pierced ears, their earrings will need to be removed for these sessions. Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in a suitable bag and labelled clearly with their full name and class.


Your child has been presented with a homework book which will be sent home on a Friday containing their English and maths homework for the week. This will need to be completed and returned for the following Wednesday. This work will then be marked/reviewed and returned along with their new set of homework on the following Friday.  This cycle will then repeat throughout the term. Spelling practice and daily reading for pleasure should run alongside this work.

Children should spend no more than 20 minutes at a time on each piece of homework. We encourage independence but would welcome your support as necessary. 

A general research project focusing on the historical/geographical elements of the curriculum will be given out each term.  Children will have several weeks to complete this and are encouraged to focus in on an aspect that grabs their interest. Details and a deadline for this work will follow. 


To reinforce and inspire your children’s learning this year we will organise a variety of educational experiences.  Our first trip is to Kent Life on Friday 11th October.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn from first-hand experience, role play and art.


It is important that children drink plenty of water throughout the day. In order to do this, children need a named water bottle that they can use. Please make sure this does not leak and has a ‘sports top’ lid. No squash please. 

Break Time Snacks

Fruit will be available to Key Stage 2 children at break times in our fruit café. Fruit vouchers can be bought from the school gate each morning and cost 20p. We strongly encourage children to make use of this facility.

Arriving at school

We have an ‘open door’ policy and are always ready to discuss any urgent problems with you in the morning when you bring your child to school.  However, if you want to have a longer chat about your child, please could you make an appointment to talk to us after school – thank you.

Collecting your child

At the end of the school day your child will be taken to the main playground. The children are instructed to remain with school staff until they see the adult responsible for collecting them. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Painting Overalls

We are very short of painting aprons in year 5 so would be grateful if you could supply your child with an old shirt or suitable apron. If you have any spares we would be grateful for those too, thank you!

Mrs Halson and Mrs Ogilvie

Year 5 Class Teachers