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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Miss Reynolds and Mrs Preston welcome you and your children to Year 3. Together with the support of Mrs Ellis and Mrs Polden we are looking forward to a successful year, full of hard work and smiles!.

It was lovely to welcome you all back to school this September. The children have settled really well into their new classes and new routines. They have a great deal of enthusiasm for their learning and are obviously enjoying their return to school life.

We would like to thank you all for working with us to ensure the smooth and safe delivery and collection of the children from the school site.

The teachers this year in year three are Ms. Preston and Miss Reynolds. Together with the support of Mrs Ellis and Mrs Polden (teaching assistants), we are looking forward to a safe and successful year. Mrs Small also teaches 3P outdoor games on a Thursday afternoon.      

Games sessions

Year 3 sports sessions for both classes will be as follows:

  • Outdoor games:

Thursday afternoon and Friday morning (weather dependent)

Although these are our allotted P.E. times, they are weather dependent and we may need to reschedule. As a result, please make sure your child’s P.E. kit is in school at all times.

Their P.E. kit must be in a suitable, named bag and each item needs to be clearly labelled with their full name and class. Please check the fit of your child’s P.E. kit as some have clearly grown in the last six months.

Please remember that your child will need the new navy Davington P.E kit in order to participate in lessons. Plain navy joggers and a school jumper will be needed as the weather gets colder. Your child will also need a pair of trainers for outside Games sessions. If your child has long hair, please ensure that they have their hair tied back and that earrings are removed on P.E. days. P.E. kits will be sent home each holiday for washing.


It is important that children drink plenty of water throughout the day. As our water fountains are no longer in use, please send in a named water bottle that they can use during the day. These can be bought in the school office. Please ensure your child brings water not squash. 

Break Time Snacks

With the current Covid situation, we are unable to provide break time snacks from the Fruit Café. The children may bring their own fruit which can be kept in their bag until break time.

(Please refer to the Parent Handbook for advice on snacks for the children as we promote healthy eating within our school.)



The two most important activities you can do with your child is listening to them read as well as reading to them.

All children need to read for 10 minutes every day with an adult when possible. 

We ask the children to bring their reading book and reading record to school each day and put them in their trayChildren who have read at least three times in one week will be given a sticker on a chart. Once the children have six stickers, they are awarded their bronze reading award and bookmark, moving towards a silver and gold award.

You can support your child further in their reading by asking them questions about their book using Who, Where, When, Why, What and How questions. .e.g. ‘What do you think will happen next?’ ‘Why do you think …… did that?

If you need any help moving your child on with their reading, please come and see us so we can offer support. They will earn reading rewards for reading three times a week which must be signed by an adult.

In year 3 we encourage greater independence in the children. As such, reading books will be changed by the children themselves as often as required. We quarantine returned books for 72 hrs to try and avoid cross contamination.

In Year 3, we move away from book banding and begin using accelerated reader to allocate books with a suitable level of challenge. The children have taken a reading quiz which then gives us a benchmark level appropriate to their comprehension. Every time your child finishes a book, we encourage them to take a quiz on their book. This gives us an idea how well they have understood the text. If the children pass the quizzes, this gradually raises the level of challenge and their reading level.

Library time

All children have timetabled access to our wonderful library each week. They need to bring their library book back to school on our allotted day as we cannot guarantee that they can be changed at other times.

3P- Tuesday               3R - Wednesday

Painting Overalls

Your child will need a painting apron in year 3 so we would be grateful if you could supply them with an old shirt or suitable apron. If you have any spares we would be grateful for those too, thank you!

Miss Reynolds and Ms Preston

Year 3 Class Teachers