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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Bunting, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Bishop, together with Mrs Wilkinson and Miss East would like to welcome all the Year One children to their new classes and hope that they will all have a successful year and make the most of all the opportunities that are planned for them.

We would like to welcome all the Year One children and parents to their new classes. The children have already settled in really well and are getting used to our beautiful new classrooms. They seem very ready for the challenges of Year One and starting to learn the National Curriculum.

Topics for the term

Our theme for Term One is ‘Once upon a time…’ The children will listen to and read a variety of traditional tales and fairy stories, including The Elves and The Shoemaker and The Princess and The Pea.  There will be a workshop on Castles, Knights and Princesses provided by a theatre company on 19th September. The topic will include finding out about life in a castle. In Science we will look at the use of different materials for example, what materials did the Elves use to make shoes? As we go through the year the children will also learn about different seasons and the weather.

Our theme for Term Two will focus on fire. We will be learning about The Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night. We will also find out about The Great Fire of London.


We expect the children to read with an adult every day.

The most important activity you can do with your child is listening to them read and sharing books with them. Asking your child questions about what they have read will give them a greater understanding. Please sign or make a comment in their reading record book when you hear them read. Every Friday we will count how many times they have read in a week at home.  3 reads will earn a stamp.  6, 12 and 18 stamps will then earn them a bronze, silver and gold bookmark.

In addition to reading the children will have a homework task once a week.

P.E. and Games

Up until half term both classes will be swimming on a Friday afternoon. This will be instead of outdoor games. If your child has shoulder length hair or longer please make sure they have a swimming hat.

After half term both classes will be doing outdoor games on Friday afternoons. The children will need tracksuits and trainers for this.

Both classes have indoor P.E. on a Wednesday. Please make sure your child has a Davington school P.E. kit in their house colour.

School Equipment

Your child will need a pair of wellies that can stay at school. The children use the school field at lunch time and it can often be muddy. They also use the school Woodland regularly throughout the year and so need to have wellies in school all the time.

Please make sure your child has a coat everyday as lunchtimes can often be chilly. The children go out to play for 40 minutes even when the weather is cold or damp.

All children need to have a reusable water bottle in school.

Please make sure all school clothes, shoes and plimsolls are clearly labelled with their name.

If you have any questions or concerns please come and have a chat with us.

We are really looking forward to spending the year ahead with your children and are sure it is going to be lots of fun.

Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Bunting and Mrs. Oliver

Year 1 Class Teachers