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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Faversham Foodbank

I have met recently with a representative from the Faversham Foodbank and I have agreed to register as a Faversham Foodbank Voucher distributor to help and support families in crisis.

The Faversham Foodbank and The Trussell Trust are a charity which gives food to families in crisis to provide short term, emergency food while a long-term strategy is developed, normally enough food for 3 days (one voucher).  Food is donated by churches, individuals, groups or charities and is a project that involves the whole community.  The distribution centre in Faversham also offers clients a cup of coffee and a friendly chat together with ‘help in finding help’.  Our nearest centre is The Gospel Mission on Tanners Street.

If any family feels they are in need of support for whatever reason and would benefit from using this crisis support then please make an appointment to see me via Mrs Cavanagh in the school office.

Mr C.Saint