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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Child Protection

Our school is a community and all those directly connected (staff, governors, parents, families and pupils) are committed to safeguarding and the welfare of children.  We have an essential role to play in making school safe and secure. We welcome suggestions and comments that will contribute to this process.

Davington Primary School recognises the importance of providing an ethos and environment within school that will help children to feel safe, secure and respected; encourage them to talk openly; and enable them to feel confident that they will be listened to.

We have a Child Protection Policy and procedures in place.  All staff (including supply staff, volunteers and governors) must ensure that they are aware of these procedures. Parents and carers are welcome to read the policy by clicking on the link below.

We recognise that children who are abused or witness violence are likely to have low self-esteem and may find it difficult to develop a sense of self worth. They may feel helplessness, humiliation and some sense of blame. Our school may be the only stable, secure and predictable element in their lives.

Key contact personnel in School

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Chilton Saint

Deputy Safeguarding Lead(s) Janet Davison

Named Safeguarding Governor: Robert Hewis

If you are concerned about a child’s welfare, please speak to either Mr Saint or Mrs Davison or contact them via the school office on 01795 532401.

If you’re worried that a child or young person is at risk or is being abused, report it.