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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Mrs Bunting and Mrs Cunningham would like to take this opportunity to welcome both you and your child to Year 6.


In English we will be centering our work around Non- Fiction books with a focus on ‘Lonely planet: Not for parents- South America’. The children will be writing non-chronological reports on animals living in this continent. We will also look at informal letter writing, persuasive writing and explanation texts.  Areas of focus in grammar and punctuation include: using punctuation effectively including hyphens, colons and semicolons and beginning to know grammatical terminology such as relative clauses, subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions. 

During our Mathematics sessions, we will continue to focus on number and place value, particularly the four rules of calculation (+ - ÷ x). We will also be furthering of knowledge of data handling and introducing algebra to the children.  Parents can help to support their children by asking them questions involving multiplication and division and getting the children to carry out ‘real life mathematics’ e.g. weighing out ingredients. Regular practice of all times tables is essential.

In Science we are continuing our topic on ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ during term 3 and then studying ‘animals including humans’ in depth in term 4 looking at the function of the heart and the effect of exercise on our bodies. Our geography focus this term is on South America, including geographical features and naming countries.


During the term, the children will be learning skills through a range of sports including tag rugby, netball and basketball, whilst indoor PE will be focusing on gymnastics where the children will be working in partners to create balances and sequences to share with others.

Your child will have an outdoor Games lesson and a PE/Hall session each week this term.  PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for 6H and on Monday and Thursday afternoons for 6C.  PE kit should stay in school all term as there are occasions when our PE time has to be moved to a different day.

Please ensure children with shoulder length hair or longer have their hair tied back. If your child has pierced ears, their earrings will need to be removed in this session.  Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in a suitable bag and labelled clearly with their full name and class.


Swimming will begin in Term 6 and will be on Friday mornings.

For swimming the children will need:

  • Named swimming costume and towel (in a waterproof bag).  For Yrs 3-6 boys MUST wear shorts/trunks – they MUST NOT wear long knee length shorts
  • Swimming hats for all children with hair long enough to be tied back (available from the school office £1.50).  Please note that children with verrucas will only be allowed in the pool if they are wearing protective socks.


We would love you to come and help during the year. If you would like to help in school, maybe hearing children read or escorting the children on a trip, then please let us know. You will need to be police checked before this can commence.  Please contact the office who will give you the necessary information.


During the course of each week the children will be expected to complete their homework. The best work usually comes from children who complete the work as soon as possible after it has been set. Please encourage your child to look at it the day they receive it, so if they are unsure they can ask for help the following day. 

Daily reading (10 minutes, at least three days a week.)

To support your child in reading you can listen to them read or ask them questions about their book to help them with their understanding of what they have read.

Learn weekly spellings (New spelling words will be brought home every Monday for a test on Friday)

Your child will have 10 spellings a week that they will practice daily at school. However, further parental support with spelling words out loud or written on paper will be beneficial to your child.

English sheet (Every Wednesday, hand in by Monday)

The worksheet will be either on grammar, spelling or comprehension. Please spend up to 20 minutes on the task. If your child is unable to complete it within 20 minutes please sign to say they spent the time on it. 

Mathematics sheet (Every Wednesday, hand in by the following Monday.)

The worksheet will be further reinforcement of mathematics topics covered during the week. Please spend up to 20 minutes on the task. If your child is unable to complete within the time, please sign that they have attempted their work, but were unable to complete it.

Termly topic project

Every term your child will receive a separate information sheet about a mini project to be completed at home. This will normally be a piece of research and your child will have a choice on how to present what they have found out. Please note that Faversham Library have free internet access and will help your child to find things out.

We hope the above information will enable you to support your child’s learning. We look forward to hard working and enjoyable autumn terms. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and see us!