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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Dunt and Mrs Bell would like to welcome all the Year One children to their new classes and hope that they will all have a successful year and make the most of all the opportunities that are planned for them.

Topic for the term

This term will be full of different activities on the topic of ‘materials’, and how different materials are used in our environment. We will continue to look at seasonal changes through weather and visits to the woodland area.  The children will be looking at The Great Fire of London in history, and Canterbury Cathedral next term. This also links with geography where we are looking at the capital cities of the UK and how they are different to Faversham.

In Maths we will be focusing on counting and comparing numbers to and beyond 20. Some children will be looking at numbers up to 100, but only up to 20 through addition and subtraction. We will be using addition and subtraction through money, including buying items and giving change.  Recognition of all coins up to £1 will be included in this too. We shall be doubling and halving, shapes and numbers, ½ and ¼ of 2D shapes, reading o’clock times and continuing to order days of the week/months of the year. We will continue to look at spelling number words to twenty, days and months through weekly spellings.


We will continue to send home homework that you can work on with your children each term.  This is aimed at supporting your children’s knowledge and understanding in the topics they are covering in class. We have been delighted at the amount of effort that has been put in to homework so far, and enjoy seeing the different ways that homework is completed.

You can continue to support your child at home by playing board games, pairing socks, counting out coins, mental addition  and subtraction, and recognising numbers in the home and on the way to school.

We would like to repeat that the most important activity you can do with your child is listening to them read and sharing books with them, modeling this skill.  Encourage your child to talk in detail about the sequence of a story; i.e. what happened at the beginning, middle and end and using familiar story language ‘Once upon a time’ ‘Happily ever after’ etc. We ask you to please make a comment in their reading record book when you hear them read. Lots of parents have commented how useful the phonic section in the Reading Record book is and are using it to support their child’s reading. It is really important that the record book is brought to school daily as they are used to record their weekly spellings in too. Every Friday we check how many times your child has read in a week. If they have read 3 times then they will be awarded a stamp.  For 6 stamps, a bronze, silver then gold bookmark will be awarded.  Some children have already achieved a silver bookmark!

P.E. and Games

Swimming is on Wednesday's - please ensure your child has swimwear and a towel.  Swimming hats are available from the school office.

1D - Indoor P.E. will be on Tuesday morning and outdoor games on a Friday afternoon (weather permitting). 

1B - Indoor P.E will be on Tuesday morning and outdoor games on a Friday afternoon (weather permitting).

Please ensure that you provide a tracksuit for their outdoor games lessons as the weather is becoming cooler, and a white t-shirt, blue shorts and plimsolls for indoor PE.

 All school clothes, shoes and plimsolls MUST be clearly labeled with their name.

We will put any additional daily information on the signing in table. Please check this each morning. 

Please ensure your child brings a coat every day, and a named water bottle filled with water.

We hope that your child will be very happy in our classes. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see us.