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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent


Our staff are a dedicated and hardworking team who share a love of teaching. We are committed to delivering high standards of education, ensuring the children’s best interests are at the heart of everything we do.

Our staff has a wide cross section of experience and skills, all of which come together to support an exciting curriculum.

Mr Chilton Saint Headteacher
Miss Joanna Heath Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Janet Davison Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)


Mrs Clare Halson Year 6 Teacher/Science (Maternity leave)
Miss Caroline King Year 6 Teacher/PHSE
Mrs Kurstie Cunningham Year Teacher/Computing
Mr Matt Haines Year 5 Teacher/KS2 Leader of Learning
Ms Michelle Preston Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Jo Manning Press Year 5/6 Teacher
Mrs Jo Ogilvie Year 4 Teacher/Literacy
Mrs Ellen Woolf Year 4 Teacher /Art KS2
Miss Katie Morgan Year 3 Teacher/Maths
Miss Lizzie Jenkins Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Janis Milne Year 2 Teacher/Art KS1
Miss Lynn Reynolds Year 2 Teacher/MFL (Maternity leave)
Mrs Clare Harris Year 2 Teacher (Maternity cover)
Mrs Ali Dunt Year 1 Teacher/History
Mrs Catherine Bell Year 1 Teacher/Geography/Music
Mrs Emma Bishop Year R Teacher/KS1 Leader of Learning
Mrs Sarah Oliver Year R Teacher/PHSE KS1
Miss Natalie Kennett Year R Teacher/RE
Mr Dave Pendleton Teacher


Mrs Eva Marriott Year 6
Miss Nicole Cooper Year 6
Mrs Janine Evans Year 6
Mrs Jo Clarke Year 5
Mrs Caroline Adley Year 5
Mrs Moira Russell Year 5
Miss Abbie Turner Year 4
Mrs Anja Bohme Year 4
Mrs Sharon Ellis Year 4
Mrs Elaine Sprawson Year 3
Mrs Zoe Barker Year 3
Mrs Michelle Cullen Year 2
Mrs Caroline Mackender Year 2
Mrs Toni Scamp Year 2
Mrs Joan Hart Year 2
Mrs Karen Davies Year 1
Miss Lisa Thornton Year 1
Mrs Sarah Wilkinson Year 1
Mrs Paula Brooker Year 1
Mrs Sharon Holbrook Year R 
Mrs Amanda Murphy Year R
Mrs Tracey Axford Year R
Miss Dee East Year R


Mrs Jo Cleary Family Liaison Officer
Mrs Kayti Elysee Well Being Mentor
Mrs Rebecca Fall Well Being Mentor


Mrs Julie Cavanagh Office Manager
Mrs Suzanne Wake-Smith Finance Officer
Mrs Diane Pleace Clerical Assistant
Mr Barry Tabor Caretaker


Mrs Marion George Cook
Mrs Amanda Muddle Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Dee Hutchinson Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Debbie Ricks Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Lynn Hadlow Midday Play Leader
Mrs Rebecca Fall Midday Play Leader
Mrs Rebecca Goldsmith Midday Play Leader
Mrs Sally Blunt Midday Play Leader
Mrs Sheralyn Kent Midday Play Leader
Mrs Sue Slater Midday Play Leader
Mrs Megan Swan Midday Play Leader


Mrs Rebecca Fall Supervisor
Mrs Louise Gore Supervisor
Mrs Amanda Muddle After School Club Play Worker
Mrs Maria Boorman After School Club Play Worker
Miss Lisa Thornton After School Club Play Worker
Mrs Sarah Wilkinson After School Club Play Worker
Mrs Amanda Murphy After School Club Play Worker
Mrs Jo Cleary After School Club Play Worker
Miss Nicole Cooper After School Club Play Worker