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Davington Primary School

Faversham, Kent

Parent Interviews - Tuesday 27th March

2.10 - 8pm

The interview times will be 10 minutes per teacher.  Please complete the slip below and send to the school office.  

Please put your child’s name, the name(s) of the teachers you wish to see and a preferred time for the interview.   Mrs Davison (SENCO) will also be available should you wish to meet with her.

Mrs Cavanagh and Mrs Pleace in the school office will endeavour to schedule your interview as conveniently as possible.  We will put the interview time in the shaded column and then return the sheet to you. 

As I’m sure you will appreciate, it will be a very complicated task to organise the interview schedule conveniently for those of you wishing to see two or three teachers.  Please bear with us.  Would you please return the sheet, as soon as possible, to show which teachers you would like to see and a preferable time.  You will be sent a time as soon as possible.   Thank you.